What Clients Say

Before, I was not confident in myself, my actions, and how I was showing up to people on a daily basis. Jill helped me look inside myself to focus on who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up to fulfill my goals.  I built extremely beneficial habits that helped to shift my patterns in communication and strengthen my relationships. This foundation will be with me the rest of my life! 

The way Jill talks to people is so amazing! Feeling like someone sees me for me. She was really encouraging regardless of what I had accomplished in the week, which is huge. Her guidance in making small adjustments to your routines and thoughts can make such a big impact!

Kathryn Mataya

Event Coordinator, Northwest Harvest

Jill’s listening is very acute and pristine, which allows things to arise that I was blind to before. I saw that I haven’t owned my skill sets and accomplishments. With the root cause clearly distinguished, I am free of it.

As a direct result, I can now look at my skills as as in demand and valuable! I can contribute more to my clients and my real estate colleagues. I’m creating a workshop on how to cold call and make it fun and effective. I told a friend, and he is so excited, he is partnering with me on it.

Dee Ferrand

Buyer Specialist, Carlos Enriquez HomeSmart Elite Group

I was hoping to move to NYC but was was feeling very stuck, anxious, and unclear. I knew all I wanted was just on the other side of an enormous wall. Jill helped me to break down the barriers and shift my mindset, so I could put more energy into what would move me forward. She was understanding and gave me space for my emotions, but constantly held me accountable. 

My favorite part of the program was doing a meaningful project that helped me to be seen as the person I want to present to the world. It enabled me to do something I never thought possible – design my own collection and put on my very first runway show!  This gave me the confidence to do exactly what I want to be doing with my career and to move to NYC.

Emily Bormann

Designer, www.emilybormann.com

Before, I wasn’t clear on next steps to take in the business decisions I’m making. Now, I see what those steps are!!  AND that it’s OK to be where I am instead of the place of “absolute.” I’m much more clear and open to inquiring and questions.

Jill’s intuitive questioning ability shines. She really listens and speaks authentically from her listening. I feel VERY heard and supported.  

Sarah Ronhovde

Physiotherapist, Entrepreneur, Epic Physiotherapy

I was feeling completely overwhelmed and was unable to sort out steps to take with my work-life situation. Jill helped me shift my focus from how emotional I was to the great gifts I have brought to my job, my accomplishments since taking on this position and how awesome that is. I got the clarity and the confidence to stand tall and accept whatever the outcome is.

Her insight and intuition into what was really happening was incredible. All of this being non-judgemental and completely supportive of me! I love how she gently put a mirror in front of me to see the stories I was creating (and exaggerating). This was just what I needed!!!! 

Jennifer Straley

Teacher, Coach, Competitive Swimmer

I recently retired, and was finding it difficult to fully apply myself to my many interests. Jill listened carefully, giving me time and space to respond. Jill is genuine and reflected back to me my own words and values, objectively, with refreshing honesty.

This practice solidified the base under me and showed me that I was on the right path. It provided crucial affirmation that I can trust myself, my intuition, and my ability to create a future that is rewarding for me. That’s huge! I now have a sense of being able to accelerate my endeavors.

Nelson Fabian

Executive, SCS Inc.

Before, I was stressed, tense and tightly wound up about certain aspects of my business and myself. Jill’s calm, objective manner gave me space to let my thoughts kind of spiral and then fly away as they weren’t needed. I was able to go back to their origin and let them go.

Her meditation and mindfulness techniques helped get me clear about blocks and ways to remedy them with less effort than I initially thought it would take. I feel like I got energy healing, and my business did, too.

Overall, I feel better about myself and my contributions to my business…like I’m making my way in a way that feels good and easy without struggle or working myself too hard.

Nadia Abou-Karr

Holistic Healer & Aesthetician, Beautiful by Nadia