About Me

I believe that we are on a journey to let our inner lights shine, to express our soul gifts, to make an impact upon other people, projects, and society in ways that feel good and fulfilling.

It happens when we clear the resistance from our natural, divinely aligned flow…when we employ energy intelligence. We tap into the activities that invigorate us & effectively manage those that drain our energy.

At those times, we don’t think so much or place attention on ourselves. We cross into a zone, the flow. We’re immersed, uninhibited, and clear. We create, or allow creation. We act instantly and easily, with no resistance.

We see it in each other, this energized, free, flow state. It’s recognizable and familiar to all of us. We see it in musicians, athletes, artists, speakers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and more. When we’re in it, we thrive.

When we put it [flow] in service to our vision for humanity, we shine our unique light, express our soul gifts.

This is my practice.

As a young girl, I stood out as an excellent student! When other kids made fun of me, I dumbed myself down, dimmed my light, and decided to do what others expected of me. This draining pattern repeated all over my life, leaving me with a dimmer, duller life than I aspired to. I sold myself out at 10 years old!

The one thing I never betrayed was the desire to grow, learn, and explore! I always connected with diverse people and interests, which sparked my move from Ohio to Colorado and plugged me into collaborative, creative work that brings vision to life.  

With time and practice, I cultivated energy intelligence and learned to follow the flow. Turns out the intuitive tugs were …my energizing strengths: Self-confidence and Leading on committees and projects, Collaboration and Self-improvement in training and coaching, relationship building, courage, and enthusiasm to fuel and forward my plans.

I now structure my life and work as a freelance consultant and coach according to my energy. This is how I create a fulfilled life, shine my unique light, and serve my vision for humanity.

Using the Strengthscope assessment suite, exercises, inquiries, and intuition, I help individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations develop energy intelligence. We harness wasted and latent energy, then align and leverage it to the projects and causes that matter most to them. This results in new levels of effectiveness, impact, and fulfillment beyond previous conception.