The end of Summer marks a shift in our energetic patterns. We pick up the pace and return to routine. Just when we settle in, we squeeze in all the activities and obligations of the holidays. No wonder New Year’s resolutions fail. By January, we’re burned out, in a hazy holiday hangover.

Not this year. As we feel the fall ramping up, we could do all the things we have always done and survive another season. OR, we can experience more fulfillment, joy, and productivity by design.


In the past…

I noticed that cross-country travel to family, shopping, decorating, and events drained my energy. Stress and worry about fulfilling all I had committed to tainted my experience of the season.

Joy leaped in my heart while playing and being with family. My soul sang when I wrote New Year’s letters to friends and family that conveyed authentic personal connection.


This year is different. I have more energy for the season already!


Now, I’ll be home for the holidays. My family created a vacation in October instead of holiday travel and gift-giving. The meal prep and planning is split up so that everyone contributes.

Additionally, I set aside blocks of time in advance of the holidays to ensure plenty of time to connect with dear ones.  My plan includes a budget, action steps and timelines for letter writing, suggestions for gifts, and recipes for events.

When I look into this season, I feel inspired, free, joyful, and supported. I’m less stressed and more productive.


If you want to explore creating this for yourself, schedule a chat with me.  Together, we’ll explore new ways for you to Fall into Flow.