Life itself has an inertia, a way it’s going by default. The momentum of life and business as usual overtake us and we don’t act to change it. Generally speaking, successful people live differently. They create a “Miracle Morning” or have some routine that gets them started up for the day outside the default.

Breaking the momentum of life as usual is how they generate a powerful presence.

In the culture of entrepreneurship, that way of life feels expected and necessary. As much as I want to be one of the cool kids and brag about my miraculous morning routine, I can’t. I’ve spent two years attempting to be that disciplined, driven person. I’ve used every tool, tip, and trick to try and break from the inertia of how life is already going.

Pattern Interrupt


For me, a 40 Day Practice: From Bias to Best interrupted the inertia of life as usual with a practice of being present to the energetics of life experience. Being present provided openings to change the momentum and create my experience and my mindset…an important form of self care. Presence gave me access to generating my self and my life, outside the default.

Any practice in presence opens us up to generate our self and life, outside the default. Each of us  must discover the practice that works for us. Then, when we do our practice and generate our selves, the space allows the soul to whisper, to nudge us to live differently.

We constitute ourselves differently. To constitute ourselves as something…is BEING what we stand for and why. We know our inner territory, our values, gifts, failures, and heartbreaks. We say who we are, what makes us up, and how we show up. We constitute ourselves as who we really are, and begin to express our deepest desires.

We live on purpose. 


Living on Purpose

Once we experience life this way, we reject the default models available all around us. A practice of presence becomes a necessary and natural way to live and keep the window for soul expression open.