Work With Me


  • Upgrade the operating system that powers your whole life.   
  • Create more great days and weeks for yourself  
  • Plan for peak performance in the midst of life’s busy seasons 
  • Have more vital energy for what matters to you
  • Spend more time operating in flow states
  • Enjoy more productivity & creativity  
  • Produce more impact 
  • Discover more purpose & fulfillment  
  • Get a clear yes, no, and next actions in your commitments, projects, and plans  
  • Create harmony with your life and work flow  
  • Experience peace of mind  
  • Duration: 45 days,  Oct 1 – Nov 15, 2018  
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  • Align what you’re great at with what you love doing and what you’re commited to.
  • Get clear & grounded in your values & passions
  • Gain confidence in the unique gifts YOU offer to life
  • Overcome your blocks in when, where, with whom and HOW to express your gifts
  • Discover appreciation for uniqueness of self and others
  • Experience being seen & understood
  • Cultivate peace of mind, vibrational alignment
  • Access a new level of effectiveness and impact
  • Discover and address the pitfalls and performance risks in your zone of peak performance.
  • Includes the Strengthscope assessment, individual & 360 report, and 4 personal coaching sessions.
  • Duration: 45 days


  • Develop new capacities and levels of:
  • IMPACT on what matters most to you…that thing you can’t not do in this life
  • Embodiment of your unique gifts through knowledge & practice
  • Expression of your leadership and values (Self)
  • Agility in navigating blocks, challenges, and emotions
  • Effectiveness and collaboration
  • Energy / emotional intelligence mastery of when, where, with whom and HOW to express your gifts
  • Peace of mind (no wondering, just freedom)
  • Living a fulfilled life
  • Includes personal coaching
  • Duration: 4 – 6 months